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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Find a property to buy or rent

Right Move has dominated the market for people looking for property to buy or rent, but they only cover up to around 50% of the property available at any one time.

What if your ideal property to buy or rent is in the other 50%?? Until recently your only course of action was to trawl through other property sites such as those produced by Team, or members of Prime Location, and the individual sites of Estate Agents.

Now, with the launch of a brand new search engine, you can find all properties for sale or rent easily. The search engine is It is highly specialised and aims to gather all the property for sale or rent, whether on RightMove, Primelocation or on local Estate Agents' websites, all in one place.

The searches can be very loose or highly focused around specific requirements, such as location, type of house, number of bedrooms and outside space. A formidable number of properties can be sometimes be returned, but this can be very quickly narrowed down to meet your specific requirements. has the potential to be THE search engine of choice for property in the UK.

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